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Happy New Year 2023

It's time... The year 2022 is coming to an end. As fresh and long as a new year feels in January, so much happens and then whoosh - the year is over again...

We've compiled some of the FLAGSTACK highlights from 2022 for you:

The first Capture Reward 2022 was achieved on 01.01. at 4:19 by wazze100 - it was the 38,838,000th capture!

The first Deploy Reward 2022 was achieved on 01.01. at 10:28 by FoundItWhereNext - it was the 5,759,000th Deploy!

A total of 8,262,091 flags were captured and 861,700 flags deployed in 2022 - and YOU did your part :) Thank you for your commitment!

What does that also mean? FLAGSTACK gave away 8,262 Capture Rewards and 861 Deploy Rewards as "1,000 winnings". As always, there was everything - flags, points, vouchers... We hope that YOU also hit the jackpot and got one of these rewards!

In addition, FLAGSTACK gave away a total of 826,209 Green Flags to the community - hooray for the 10+1 concept :)

That adds up to quite a few free flags for the players. A total of more than 3 million green flags are still slumbering in the inventories of all FLAGHUNTERs. For this reason, it is now available as a Premium Member to deploy 100 Green Flags daily via the website! The best thing to do is to start now...

There are currently 5,204,705 active flags on the map! Among them are certainly your favorite Eternal Flags, trails that you have "worked through" and that brought you beautiful memories... Many thanks to the entire community for this extraordinary community achievement!

Do you want to build on your successes in 2022? Plan the route for your next holiday with BOB, the best co-driver of all time! Grab your FLAGSTACK friends, set up some nice routes with Green Flags, and then you're off into the new year 2023!

All in all, the last year was certainly a mixture of exciting, exhausting and adventurous, sometimes difficult, sometimes great, often tough but mostly happy.

Unfortunately, there were many negative influences: the Corona crisis was not yet over, Ukraine was invaded and attacked, resulting in an unbelievable war that is leaving its mark on the entire world. Energy crisis, food shortages, inflation - we all experience how sensitive the economy and our everyday life is.

And despite this, we try our best. Trying to re/act prudently, to use our resources sparingly, and to look forward optimistically.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for your trust and loyalty.

You are great! All FLAGSTACK needs are loyal FLAGHUNTERs - like you are. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

For the new year we wish you strength, success, happiness, love, peace, and health.
Have a happy new year 2023 - let the corks pop!



Dear FLAGSTACK Community,

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable holiday season. Thank you for your loyalty and the wonderful moments we have experienced this year.

Now it's time to switch off, enjoy and relax for the next few days!

Enjoy a merry Christmas and restful days.

Have a well and healthy start into the new year. We wish health, friendship, love, harmony, peace, and joy for you in 2023...

Best wishes



4th Advent

Final sprint! Only 6 days until Christmas, but today it is: eat cookies and forget the stress!

We wish you from the bottom of our hearts a reflective 4th Advent in the circle of loved ones!

Your FHQ-Team


Offer of the day:

Dice Flag - today only for 5,00€*.

After the capture, a game of dice awaits the player. With each new player level achieved, the Dice Flag can be captured again! The Dice Flag can be deployed directly on site via the app and exclusively for Premium Members also via the website.

*Vouchers excluded


3rd advent

Two lights are already shining brightly,
the third joins them today.
Cozy and beautiful should be the third Advent,
Get you in the mood for a beautiful Christmas season


Offer of the day:

Auto Capture Bob 2.0  - today only 2,50€*

For 30 minutes all flags* are automatically collected, in whose capture radius you come.Now also with badge function!

*Vouchers excluded


When the second light on the wreath burns,
time races towards Christmas.
Use the peace and the time,
the Christmas rush is no longer far.



Team Battle #84 is over now and all 71 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans:










additional 30,000 credits for the team account





additional 20,000 credits for the team account





Flag Ladies and Gentlemen
additional 10,000 credits for the team account





Rapunzel 2.0
additional 9,000 credits for the team account





Knight Riders King Das Ende
additional 8,000 credits for the team account





Sic Mundus Creatus Est
additional 7,000 credits for the team account





Bielefelder Flaggers
additional 6,000 credits for the team account





additional 5,000 credits for the team account





additional 4,000 credits for the team account





Tower Power East
additional 3,000 credits for the team account




And here's the fraction ranking of Team Battle #84, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 5,000 credits and the fraction badge






The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won 3,000 credits and the fraction badge






The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 1,000 credits and the fraction badge





All details about the team and fraction rankings can be found with a quick click.

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

You are enthusiastic about Team Battles, all the excitement and variety and especially about your personal advantages through the great prizes? Than you know what you have to do: Tell all your friends about it and create a new team - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05. December 2022 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #85 starts!



Cyber Monday Sale

Get as many flags for free as you want!

Also, on Cyber Monday you have the chance to get an unlimited number of free flags. How does it work?

On Monday, 28.11. for selected items* in the FLAGSTACK webshop will get extra flags for free. Use this offer as often and for as many flags as you like.

Buy 1 Auto Capture Bob - get a total of 4 Auto Capture Bobs (1x purchased + 3x for free)

Buy 1 Eternal Flag - get a total of 3 Eternal Flags (1x purchased + 2x for free)

Buy 1 Personal Happy Hour Plus Option - get a total of 3 Personal Happy Hour Plus Options (1x purchased + 2x for free)

By the way: For all** other flags the 2-for-1 Black Week offer is still valid!

YOU decide how long the list will be for YOU... And YOU are the one who decides how many flags YOU will get for free on Cyber Monday...

Happy Cyber Monday!

Your Team from FLAGSTACK

PS: As always, you can give the shopping cart as a gift - you surely have someone in mind to make happy.

* Valid for the listed items. Can be used multiple times during the promotional period (Time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin). A combination with any discounts, vouchers and price reductions is not possible, except for gift vouchers. The discount is not redeemable in cash. Only available with PayPal orders placed through the website. Ordering with voucher and/or discounts via apps is currently not possible.

** Items excluded from the Black Week sale are marked in the title or description.


FLAGSTACK Piñata Challenge

All around the world Christmas is celebrated and there are different traditions. Did you know that Mexico has piñatas for Christmas?

Mexico is welcoming, colorful, warm, cultural, emotional, loud, delicious, and so much more! And that's exactly what the traditional piñata is: a colorful papier mâché figure filled with candy and the highlight for kids at Christmas!

Piñatas can look very different. The traditional version looks like a star. Nowadays they look like animals or cartoon characters. Blindfolded, the piñata is hit with a stick, which should banish evil and let the desired contents fall out.

In December, we're tempting you away from the fireplace with the FLAGSTACK Piñata Challenge....

What's it about?

Eternal Flags will turn into piñatas from 1 to 31 December 2022. Take the chance every 24 hours to see if your favorite piñata cookies will fall out after the capture.

Piñatas will also come to you as Jumper Flags, in case it's too cozy in front of the fireplace after all.

Will I get a badge if I complete the challenge?

Sure! Collect at least 24 Piñata Jumper Flags and/or Piñata Cookies at Eternal Flags and the Christmas Piñata Challenge Badge is yours!

You want to give piñatas?

The FLAGSTACK community will be delighted! Order your Piñata Jumper Flag Set from the FLAGSTACK Fanshop ( and we'll make sure your piñatas jump all over the map. You'll not only get Capture On points for your piñatas, but also a very special award for your achievements collection!

Enjoy this colorful piñata challenge, hit the target well and have a wonderful pre-Christmas season!

Capture the flag...

Your team from FLAGSTACK

PS: Long story short

From 01.-31.12.2022 nine cookies will appear on the map after capturing Eternal Flags. Collect a total of at least 24 of these cookies and/or jumper flags with piñata look and earn a badge. You can receive this badge multiple times.

You can buy Jumper Flags with piñata look in the Fanshop.

All given time periods refer to the time zone FLAGSTACK Headquarter/Europe/Berlin.


Black Week Friday!

Black Week Friday Special
Buy one and get three!
Buy one Dice and get 3
Buy a Jumper Hub and get 3




Black Week!

Good news for the upcoming week: The FLAGSTACK webshop ( is starting the biggest sale of the year*! Meaning, every day there is "2-for-1" for almost all items!

From Monday to Monday (21.-28.11.2022, time zone FHQ/Europe/Berlin) you will save a whopping 50% on the regular price. In other words: you will receive 200% of your favorite FLAGSTACK items :)

You want 1 Dice Flag? We'll give you 2...

A good moment for second chances? Definitely! Buy 2 Second Chance Options and get 4 in your inventory for your next strolls....

There can' t be enough Eternal Flags on the map. Take 3 and make 6 members happy in the FLAGSTACK community for daily captures...

The best part? Choose what you like. No more daily changing offers, we won't make it that complicated for you.

Just note: On Black Week Friday and Cyber Monday, we'll be back with more extra special deals.

Happy Shopping!

Your team from FLAGSTACK

* Can be used multiple times during the promotional period. A combination with any discounts, vouchers and price reductions is not possible, except for gift vouchers. The discount is not redeemable in cash. Only available with PayPal orders placed through the website. Ordering with voucher and/or discounts via apps is currently not possible.

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