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 FLAGSTACK will make you Jump & Run

“You should know, you should know that
FLAGSTACK is not having anything today
As we stand there totally krossed out
We commence to make you
Jump & Run
FLAGSTACK will make you
Jump & Run“


More than 27 years since the mega success of the song Jump by the band Kris Kross, the lyrics (yes, admittedly, slightly modified :-)) are as up-to-date as never before...

Because FLAGSTACK offers you nothing less than the latest and best gaming experience!

The new flag type "Jump & Run" is now available for you in the FLAGSTACK webshop!

How would you feel to be the first one to deploy this exciting flag in your hometown? Imagine you and your FLAGSTACK friends can go out together and join in this multi-flag experience! Get your first pieces of this new adventure in the webshop and get the best places on the map from 10.May.

How will the new flag work exactly?

The Jump & Run Flag offers you a real explorer adventure with 33 stations within a range of up to 2 km around the starting point! But you have to hurry, cause as soon as you capture the start the Jump & Run flag jumps on. A countdown of 10 minutes each will run, in which you have to reach the next station.

You have a maximum of 3 tries per Jump & Run Flag to complete this flag successfully with a badge and 25,000 points! Every player, even you as the owner, can play this flag - as the owner you will get "only" capture points but NO capture on points. You can deploy the Jump & Run Flag directly on site via the app and exclusively for premium members via the website.

What if I can't reach a flag in the process because the footpath is currently being re-paved or the hedge is being cut? No worry, you can skip single flags in an urgent situation and still complete the task.

more facts:

Deploy points: 250
Capture Points: 8
Capture On Points: 16
Distance "start" to own flags: 66 m
Distance "Start" to other flags: 22 m
The new flag can be deployed as of 10 May

Because we are glad that you waited so patiently for this new flag, we considered that there will be an introductory offer with 10% discount. And as it is much better to get the very best offers with a Premium Membership at FLAGSTACK, as a Premium Member you get another 20% discount on top with the code "Jump&Run" (also applicable to reduced items).

You can't wait to pass the time with this new flag?! What are you waiting for?

We wish you lots of fun, a charged battery and comfortable footwear!


PS: A little hint: On foot or by bike the flag is the most fun, because you have to be on your toes and it attracts you to the most beautiful spots in the area...!

Test example with 1KM radius


Team Battle #41 ist nun beendet und alle 76 Teams haben großartige Ergebnisse erzielt!

Hier ist ein Blick auf die Top 10 des Gesamtrankings für unsere Statistik-Fans... Wie es sich gehört wird dein Fleiß belohnt. Schau genau hin - eine Platzierung in den Top 10 lohnt sich dank der Mega-Credit-Gewinne für dein Team richtig! Lass sie dir nicht entgehen!










zusätzlich 90.000 Credits für die Teamkasse




Bielefelder Flaggers
zusätzlich 60.000 Credits für die Teamkasse




Die 4 Fragezeichen
zusätzlich 30.000 Credits für die Teamkasse




zusätzlich 20.000 Credits für die Teamkasse





Flagging Enthusiasm
zusätzlich 17.500 Credits für die Teamkasse





zusätzlich 15.000 Credits für die Teamkasse





Absolventen Des FHQ-Bootcamps
zusätzlich 12.500 Credits für die Teamkasse





FHQ - Bootcamp
zusätzlich 10.000 Credits für die Teamkasse





zusätzlich 7.500 Credits für die Teamkasse





GifHorner FlagHunter
zusätzlich 5.000 Credits für die Teamkasse




Und hier ist das Fraktions-Ranking vom Team Battle #41. Wir freuen uns mit allen Spielern über die großartige Gesamtleistung:









Das Syndikat der Flag Hunter
Jeder Spieler hat 3 Party Flags (Event Package 25) und das Fraktions-Badge gewonnen





Das Kartell der Flag Seeker
Jeder Spieler hat 2 Party Flags (Event Package 25) und das Fraktions-Badge gewonnen





Die Allianz der Flag Keeper
Jeder Spieler hat 1 Party Flags (Event Package 25) und das Fraktions-Badge gewonnen




Alle Einzelheiten zu den Team- und Fraktions-Rankings findest du mit einem schnellen Klick.

Im Team Battle #41 haben wir wieder die Belohnungen nach dem Bonus-System ausgeschüttet! Die Glücklichen freuen sich über diese Staffel-Gewinne:




1x Party Flags (Event Package 25)


1x Oracle Flag


1x White Flag


1x Personal Happy Hour


1x Night Flag

Wenn du also mit deinem Team über 40.000 Credits erspielt hast, gab es für dich erstklassige Gewinne als Bonus!

Du findest übrigens alle detaillierten Infos zur Credit Verteilung auf der offiziellen FLAGSTACK Hilfeseite im Bereich des Team Battles.

Du bist begeistert vom Team Battle, der ganzen Spannung und Abwechslung und vor allem von deinen persönlichen Vorteilen durch die tollen Gewinne? Dann weißt du, was du zu tun hast: erzähle es all deinen Freunden und gründet gemeinsam ein neues Team - oder auch gleich zwei - denn nach einer kurzen Erholungszeit ist der nächste Team Battle schon in Sicht - am 05.05.2019 um 0:00 Uhr (Zeitzone Europa/ Berlin) beginnt der TB#42!


Kisdorf, 01.05.2019


App Update News


We have been looking forward to Easter for a long time - with all its surprises, the egg hunt in the sunshine, happy moments with family and friends and of course the cool challenges at FLAGSTACK! Have you found them all yet? The little Easter bunnies on the map and maybe also the special golden eggs with the extra badge? Up to and including Sunday (time zone Europe / Berlin) you have time to check the surroundings and we wish you good luck...

Have you found the most colorful egg we hid over Easter already? The search field has been extended to your trusted App Store (iOS / Android), because since Easter the latest App Update for your favorite GPS game is hidden there.

Get started quickly and install the latest version of FLAGSTACK. Not only because it's cool to be up to date - no, it's really worth it! Here's what we did especially for you and put a lot of effort into it:

iOS - version

- we have updated various features to iOS 12 (backward compatible) for stability

- on the map you can now select "centered continuously" and "centered continuously in
  driving / walking direction" - just tap the direction arrow multiple times and start playing

- get a lost Data Matrix Code of your Treasure Flag sent again via email after deploy

- the routing on the map to your selected flag is working again

- now you can also read your capture- and deploy rewards in game as a chat message

- don't miss any of your personal successes anymore with the popular note, that will make
  you happy at every level-up

- last but not least: preparations for the brand spanking new flag type, which will bring you
  lots of fun soon! We just keep saying: get off the sofa... :-)


Android - version

- we have updated various features to Android 9 (backward compatible) for stability

- get a lost Data Matrix Code of your Treasure Flag sent again via email after deploy

- the routing on the map to your selected flag is working again

- comfortably capture Treasure Flags in the dark by turning on your smartphone's
  flashlight while scanning

- the graphics size on the map has been optimized for modern devices

- now you can also read your capture- and deploy rewards in game as a chat message

- don't miss any of your personal successes anymore with the popular note, that will make
  you happy at every level-up

- Personal Flags again can be captured directly from the map

- last but not least: preparations for the brand spanking new flag type, which will bring you
  lots of fun soon! We just keep saying: get off the sofa... :-)

We would like to thank everyone who actively contributed to the App Update: the FLAGHUNTER, who recommend good improvements; the beta testers who have put functions through their paces over and over again; friends and families for their patience; to the weather god for great outdoor weather for testing; and last but not least the programmers in the background, who have worked out great solutions with good ideas to make FLAGSTACK even better for you...

We hope you enjoy trying out the latest features


PS: If you really like FLAGSTACK and its new features, you can support us with a 5-star rating ( if you like, even with a short recession ) in your trusted App Store. This will make us really happy and increase FLAGSTACKs visibility, the number of players and therefor the number of flags in your area!


Easter with FLAGSTACK: On your eggs, get set, go...!

Next weekend the big days arrive - Easter holidays are coming up! And to make sure you're going outside, FLAGSTACK will come up with a fantastic Easter special.

During the upcoming week, you’ll find an Easter egg in your inventory. Using the app, you can deploy this Easter egg from Good Friday (19.April 2019, 00:01, timezone Europe / Berlin). This Easter egg automatically hides 40 sweet, small Easter bunnies on the map within a radius of 1 km around your current deploy location - and you have to find them! They’ll become visible on the map when you are close enough to the Easter specials - about 200 meters! By the way, you’ll find them close to roads and footpaths, and only you can see your Easter bunnies. You’ll get 40 points for every collected Easter bunny, for at least 19 collected Easter bunnies you’ll receive a cute Easter badge. And don't worry, they're not shy and won't hobble away :-)

Because so many players were overjoyed last year, the golden Easter bunny is available for you in our webshop again! This golden Easter bunny hides automatically 30 golden Easter eggs within 1km around your current deploy location. These golden Easter eggs are only visible on the map when you get close to them (about 200m)! Contrary to the cute Easter bunnies, other players can also find and capture your golden Easter bunny and the golden Easter eggs. You’ll get additional 4-10 Capture On points for them, and for the golden Easter bunny and the golden Easter eggs you’ll get 6-40 capture points. For at least 22 captured golden Easter eggs you’ll also receive a lovely Easter badge.

Please make sure to have a good GPS signal before the deployment - preferably in front of the door and also there where you can and want to collect the Easter specials. A review, of whether the road is in a secure area or how good the mobile reception is, cannot be done. It will happen in some cases, that Easter Specials are not reachable. Therefore, there is no legal claim to be able to collect all the Easter Specials. That's why you get much more specials than necessary to receive the badge. The promotion of all Easter specials ends on Sunday after Easter (28.April 2019, 23:59, timezone Europe / Berlin).

Of course there are also great offers* with discounts of up to 40% in our webshop for you at Easter (from Good Friday to Easter Monday). They will change daily, and the very special offers will be available only hourly - so you also have to look for them too...

Besides relaxing time for family and friends at Easter, you also have exciting plans with FLAGSTACK now! Go out and have fun searching...

We wish you a happy Easter!


* A combination with any discounts, vouchers and discounts is not possible, except gift vouchers. The discount is not payable in cash. Only available for orders placed with PayPal on the website. An order with voucher and / or discount via apps is currently not possible.


New month, new LABs, new feature...

The first quarter of this year has gone by like clockwork. In the meantime it's April and spring at the FLAGSTACK Headquarter (FHQ), and we’ve put the sunny energy boost to create YOUR fun...

What do we all expect from a state capital? Of course that there’s a LAB (Local Area Badge). For the USA, we can remove this from the ToDo list with the great groundwork of SoccerFanatics (US)! Most tourists coming to Washington, D.C. will visit the more famous monuments: those to Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt; commemorating those who served in World War II or the Vietnam War; or prominent Americans such as Martin Luther King, Jr. But there are dozens of other monuments and memorials here, also worthy of a visit—some in plain view; others in out-of-the-way spots; some so obscure even local residents are unaware of them.

SoccerFanatics has identified 78 of these "other" monuments, and invites you to visit them. For those visiting the monuments, SoccerFanatics would appreciate it if you on facebook would write a note on Flagstack USA saying which one of these monuments were your favorites.

How do we call such a great thing? HOTSPOT! What do you find close to such great ideas? The new quality feature at FLAGSTACK: the HOTSPOT on the map - whenever you see the icon, it means lots of fun, lots of points and a good time :)

Are you ready for something new at FLAGSTACK? We are working on a FLAGSTACK App Update and want to introduce the best new feature today: the FLAGSTACK Voice Capture! It's as simple as it sounds and we'd like to invite you to test this new feature right now... 

Imagine you are on your bicycle, the wind is blowing around your nose and the sun is shining into your face and unfortunately also on the smartphone display in the steering wheel mount. You have no chance to see the display and therefore the FLAGSTACK map properly.

This is THE ONE AND ONLY solution for you: if you are in the capture radius of a Green Flag, just say "Hey Siri, capture Green Flag" (iOS) or "Ok Google, capture Green Flag" (Android) and you can wrap this flag up! With the note " Congrats! The voice capture was successful and you have earned 8 points." you get the verification about the successful capture. Of course this works with all virtual flag types, you just have to use the right flag type for your voice capture. Try it out right now and you'll see how simple it is!

There's something left...: Two new LABs (Local Area Badges) are available for you in Brunswick (DE) from 07.April 2019. Degeisi and Freckless, two tireless Flaghunter from Germany, have spared neither cost nor effort to create the "Night Trail Brunswick" as well as the "Treasure Trail Brunswick". Thanks to the support of many other Flagstackers there are now hundreds of Night Flags and hundreds of Treasure Flags in Brunswick Veltenhof-Ruehme (DE) - and this means: thousands of points for you and your FLAGSTACK friends! These trails will be solemnly inaugurated at the event! Are you part of it?

We wish you lots of fun with all these innovations!

Best regards from your


PS: Are you new to FLAGSTACK and not quite sure what a LAB is? Here you can get further information on many topics:


It will be celebrated again green ahem well on St.Patrick's Day

Dia Duit and hello Flaghunter!

Spring turns Europe’s landscape a little greener from day to day. And upcoming Sunday St.Patrick's Day even brings a shimmer of cloverleaf green to buildings and rivers. The Irish national holiday is celebrated all over the world: the pyramids of Giza, the opera house in Sydney and even the river through Chicago are going to be transmogrified...

Of course FLAGSTACK is also part of the #GlobalGreening! Surely you've been expecting to get a new badge on Sunday?! Well, there you go...

Join the hustle and bustle and collect at least 51 green cylinders, bags full of gold, Irish flags and leprechauns on 17.March 2019 (0:00 - 23:59, time zone Europe / Berlin, The enchanted flags are, of course,

freely combinable) and you will earn the latest badge to honor this Irish national holiday! Besides all the fun, you’ll get 510 bonus credits :-)

Sure you are: On such a special day, on which the whole world is charmed by the Irish national color, the prices in our webshop also change... Great offers* are waiting for you in our webshop in the above mentioned campaign period - save money on St. Patrick's Day with a quick click!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!


Green Flag Treasure Flag Eternal Flag Jumper Flag

* A combination with any discounts, vouchers and discounts is impossible, except gift vouchers. The discount is not payable in cash. Only available for orders placed with PayPal on the website. An order with voucher and / or discount via apps is currently impossible.



International Women's Day 2019

International Women's Day will be celebrated by women's organisations worldwide on 08 March 2019. It is also known as International Women's Day, Women's Day, United Nations Day for Women's Rights or International Women's Day. It originated in the time around the First World War in the struggle for equal rights and the right to vote for women and can look back on a long tradition.


Are you ready for the fifth season?

Helau! Alaaf! The world is big,
there's hardly anyone who doesn't like it.

And ‘cause you're tempted to go outside,
the flags also dress up beautifully with pride!

Yourself, green, white, yellow and pink,
will soon be painted by a blink,

to be pretty and fine
for this rhyme.

Go get 'em and take care to make it right,
collect 200 until Sunday night.

The spook's over, the badge's straight,
the fifth season was pretty great.

So we'll take a little break,
with carnival, shrovetide or your local spake.

Over are these great days,
but the next funny ideas are on their ways!

Collect at least 200 costumed Green Flags, White Flags, Eternal Flags, Friend Flags and/or Jumper Flags in the time from Rose Monday at 11:11 a.m. (04.March 2019, time zone Europe / Berlin) until Sunday night (10.March 2019, 23:59 p.m., time zone Europe / Berlin) and enjoy these great days and the cheeky badge with 2,000 extra points and crazy 200 extra credits!

Helau! Alaaf!


Green Flag White Flag Eternal Flag Jumper Flag



Flagstack News - Team Battle #39 is over!

Team Battle #39 is over now and all 74 teams have achieved great results!

Here is a look at the top 10 of the overall ranking for our statistics fans... As it should be, your hard work will be rewarded. Take a close look - placing in the top 10 is worthwhile for your team due to the mega credit wins! Don't miss them!










additional 90,000 credits for the team account




Die 4 Fragezeichen
additional 60,000 credits for the team account




The Marauders
additional 30,000 credits for the team account




additional 20,000 credits for the team account





Bielefelder Flaggers
additional 17,500 credits for the team account





GifHorner FlagHunter
additional 15,000 credits for the team account





Flagging A Dead Horse
additional 12,500 credits for the team account





additional 10,000 credits for the team account





additional 7,500 credits for the team account





Black Pearl
additional 5,000 credits for the team account




And here's the faction ranking of Team Battle #39, and we're delighted with the great overall performance from all players:









The Cartel of Flag Seeker
each player has won 3 Treasure Flag and the faction badge





The Syndicate of Flag Hunter
each player has won 2 Treasure Flag and the faction badge





The Alliance of Flag Keeper
each player has won 1 Treasure Flag and the faction badge




All details about the team and faction rankings can be found with a quick click.

Team Battle #39 was once again rewarded with the bonus system! The lucky ones are happy about these relay wins:




25x Green Flag


1x White Flag


1x Happy Holidays


1x Night Flag


2x Personal Happy Hour

So if you and your team earned over 40,000 credits, you'd get first-class winnings as a bonus!

You can find all detailed information about the credit distribution on the official FLAGSTACK help page for Team Battles.

You are enthusiastic about Team Battles, all the excitement and variety and especially about your personal advantages through the great prizes? Than you know what you have to do: Tell all your friends about it and create a new team - or even two - because after a short recovery time the next Team Battle is already in sight - on 05. March 2019 at 0:00 (Timezone Europe / Berlin) the TB #40 starts!



FLAGSTACK RECORDS: 22 million captures!

Incredibly important events took place last week and we think you might missed one or the other... So here's a brief summary of what happened:

After the "Make New Friendships Day" on Monday and the "Plumpudding Day" on Tuesday, the "World Radio Day" followed on Wednesday. There was no getting around “Valentine's Day" on Thursday (question: have you finished the great badges yet????), but the "Flag Day" in Canada on Friday is somewhat less known.

But the biggest event took place on Saturday, which we would like to keep in mind: Capture number 22 million at your favorite game FLAGSTACK ! ! !

When and where?

Matching the logo, a Green Flag was captured in the Netherlands (orange) on 16.02.2019 on a sunny afternoon.

Who and what?

On his tour our world-famous Official FLAGSTACK Volunteer Borghuis (NL) had the lucky moment for this record and got a bright smile on his face and additionally a very SPECIAL Friend Flag :-)

Would you also like to reach this worldwide fame with a message like this? If so, play FLAGSTACK as often as possible to your heart's content. We keep our fingers crossed that, at the moment of moments around the next million captures, you'll find the right one!

Have fun picking flowers in February on the FLAGSTACK map!



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